Accommodation rules

Accommodation Rules
I. General rules
Guest accommodation in a guesthouse Horal is based on a contract for accommodation under § 754 and following of the Act. no. 40/1964 Coll., Civil Code. The accommodation contract is concluded either in writing
(In the case of written or email booking guests) or orally (in the case of telephone booking guest or guest accommodation without prior reservation). The contract also includes the rights and obligations set forth in this house rules and price list. Accommodation Rules and service prices valid on the date the contract for accommodation, so they are for guests and pension Horal binding.
II. Arrival and departure of guests
The guest has the right to be accommodated on a temporary basis, which is agreed at the latest for guest accommodation. Check-in is recorded in the book of accommodation. It can only be extended with the consent of the guesthouse Horal. Each guest is required at check identity document (ID card or passport) to the landlord found out the name and surname, place of residence, date of birth and identity card number or passport for entry into the accommodation book. (One guest at his identity card can be accommodated a maximum of three others, whose names must notify the Landlord). For accommodation and related services, guests are obliged to pay the price in writing (via email) agreed in advance, otherwise the current valid price list of the accommodation, which is published on the website of the accommodation and available Contact: Pension and restaurant Horal, Nelsonská 592, Osek, 41705 Tel .: +420 777012732 website:
III. Rights and obligations are guest is obliged to always lock your room when you leave. The landlord is not responsible for the loss of things the guest if the room was not properly locked. Host is responsible for damage to the equipment room, if it has been lost or damaged in the event that the guest room was not properly locked. Guests are obliged to always lock the main entrance to the building when coming or going from the building after 18 pm. Host liable for damage to the device pension, if it has been lost or damaged in the event that the main door was properly locked guest. Host liable for damage or loss of amenities, which occurred during his stay. It is forbidden to bring into the building psychotropic or narcotic substances. In all areas of the house, smoking is forbidden and fires. Children under 10 years of age move around the house allowed only if accompanied by a person 18 years or older. Separately accommodated guest must be 18 years or older. Guests are entitled to walk into the house not accommodated persons to receive room visits allow anyone to enter the house, or let any person not staying to sleep in their room. Animals can be accommodated with guest house on a previous agreement with the landlord for payment according to the price list. Guest responsible for all damages caused by an animal. Guests are obliged to have the animal always properly secured. Host is not entitled to leave a dog unattended in the room. The rooms are only allowed these electrical appliances are: hair dryers, shavers, chargers, electrical appliances, laptops, portable DVD, radio. Completely banned the use of electrical appliances that generate heat (ie. Eg. Iron, curling irons, electric kettles, immersion heaters, etc. …). Other appliances can be used by the guests only with the express prior approval of the Landlord. Guests can use WI-FI internet signal coverage, free of charge. It is prohibited to use WI-FI coverage pension to illegal activities on the Internet (ie. Eg. Downloading movies) or risky activities
(Eg. Downloading suspicious files, viewing pornography, sending spam).

IV. The pension
Guests are entitled to a change of towels 1x a week, on demand as needed. Change of linen is carried out after the departure of the guest or guests on request. Curfews pays 10 p.m. to 6:00 pm. Breakfast is served at 8:00 to 9:30 pm. In the absence of workers‘ pension can be reached by phone at: 777012732, 774820217
Operator of the pension and responsible person is Bc. Simona Hereitová

V. Liability and sanctions
Serious breaches of obligations guest landlord may terminate the stay early. The guest is then obliged room and a guest, leave it immediately. The landlord is responsible for damage to items under this guest accommodation rules and the Civil Code. Host responsible for damages caused to the accommodation according to the House Rules and the Civil Code. Guest is required to secure your belongings so as not to damage or theft. Guests are obliged to behave so as to avoid damage to the matters of accommodation, and other guests at the facility house. The landlord is making every effort to ensure the protection of things and the health of our guests. Therefore asks all guests to any defect, damage or risks promptly report employees pension. The accommodation rules are valid from March 1, 2016 until further notice. It is part of the accommodation agreement between landlord and guest and is therefore binding for guests.
§ 754 (1) From an accommodation contract give the purchaser the right to be the landlord provide temporary accommodation for a period of time agreed upon or resulting from the purpose of accommodation facilities in a designated (hotels, hostels, dormitories and other facilities). (2) For accommodation and related services is obligated to pay the accommodation price within the periods prescribed accommodation schedules. 755 The Resident has the right to use the premises, which had been reserved for the accommodation and use common areas of accommodation and use of services whose provision is associated with accommodation. § 756 The landlord is obliged to hand over the premises reserved for his accommodation in a state fit for proper use, and to ensure his uninterrupted exercise of his rights related to accommodation. § 757 Resident is obliged to use the space reserved for his accommodation and performance associated with accommodation properly in these areas must not be accommodated without the consent of the Landlord to make any substantive changes. § 758 The Landlord Liability for things brought to accommodation spaces staying or going to apply provisions:
10.07 § 759 (1) Resident may terminate the contract before the expiry of the agreed period; the damage incurred early termination of accommodation is housed obliged to compensate only if the landlord could not prevent injury. (2) The landlord can from the contract before the expiry of the agreed period, when in accommodation despite a warning grossly violates good morals or otherwise grossly violates his obligations under the contract. Holiday Guest House rules applies to temporary accommodation guests in the house. The property can accommodate a guest who duly registered. To this end, the guest authorized employee immediately after the arrival of an identity card, passport or other valid document in lieu of an identity card. On the basis of these documents will host entered in the guest book, in case of a foreigner will host the foreign police reported. Host receives a bunch of keys 2pc. The guest is obliged to release the room till 10:00. The last day of accommodation. In the event that the guest accommodation space is released without prior agreement with the responsible employee, he may count the cost of another landlord-day accommodation. If a guest asks for extension of accommodation, it may Landlord device if you have a spare room, offer other than the one in which it was originally housed.
A guest may only receive visitors with prior notification to the responsible person. And an employee pension on telephone number: +420 605 243 153. Price conditions and accommodation services counted in prices. The prices according to the price list of services provided by the pension is counted using standard rooms and other services. Hotel guest is obliged to pay in accordance with the valid price list pension. Payment will be paid on the day of arrival at the property. Breakfast is served in the restaurant, which is part of the pension 8:00 to 9:30 pm. They crossed a host connected to the Internet, it is in the house available wifi connection. The rights and obligations of residents use the accommodation guests are allowed to persons who are not affected by infectious diseases. In the room or public areas, guests do not move any equipment, make repairs and interventions in the electrical network or other installations. The object of accommodation and especially in rooms is not allowed to use their own electrical appliances. This prohibition does not apply to laptops and electrical appliances used for guest’s personal hygiene (shavers, hair dryers, etc.). .Host Is obliged to switch off the light when you leave and hand over the key in the restaurant. If a guest wishes to leave the guest house early in the morning, it shall notify the accommodation the day before or the authorized employee devices. In the period from 22.00. Till 6:00 pm. The guest is obliged to observe the quiet .Práva and obligations of organizations Sending him to the guest rooms reserved accommodation in a state fit for proper use, and to ensure his uninterrupted exercise of his rights associated with accommodation. Bed linen and towels are carried out according to the needs of guests on request. Always changing cast beds. Cleaning rooms occupied is performed each time the room is occupied. Final provisions for damages to the property corresponds to the guest accommodation according to the Civil Code and other applicable regulations. Guests are obliged to observe the provisions of these House Rules. In case of gross violation of the landlord has the right to terminate the stay before the expiry of the agreed period. Complaints by guests and any proposals and suggestions to improve the operation of accommodation landlord accepts electronically Accommodation Rules for all guests publicly available at the reception desk on every room and on the website of the pension
Accommodation Rules is valid from March 1, 2016